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Joss Moroney brings her expertise in the canine field to her clients everyday. She is a certified dog trainer, animal communicator and riding instructor.  What makes Joss unique is that she has worked as a criminal investigator, scientific research project manager, veterinary practice manager—all of which make Joss laser focused in detecting and solving canine issues with compassion and positive results.  Joss shares her life with a Euro working-line German Shepherd, a French Bulldog  and an eighteen inch Pleco  - which is an armored catfish.

"I have been communicatings with dogs, cats and horses since I was a child.  I have always felt the animal human connection deeply. After my intuitive capabilities became obvious to me through various events beginning in adolescence, I learned how to deepen that connection and actually learn what our animals are telling us.  This ability is added to my many years of studying and using different training techniques to teach dogs, horses and people. "


Joss Moroney Credentials

  • Nationally Certified Dog Trainer
  • Certified Animal Communicator
  • Certified Riding Instructor