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Joss noted Dieda hurts on the inside of her back leg and that Dieda had an earache. She also saw how tired Dieda was, not from age, but from blood issues or nutritional issues.   Dieda had been jumping on the bed and hitting the inside of her back leg.  Joss is 2000 miles from me and hasn't seen Dieda.  I am so thankful for that information because the aches were affecting her behavior.    I was able to relay this information to the acupuncturist vet and her regular vet so we can be more effective in our treatment. Her regular vet gave the dog a B12 shot which has made her steadier.  Dieda's cat also participated in the communicating, letting us know that Dieda improved from heating pads on her hips, although Dieda hates heat and wouldn't tell us this information. But the cat knows all her secrets. -Aurelie Couturier-Flynn, AZ

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Animal communication is a field I've been curious about for several years, ever since a friend took a picture of my horse (who had been extremely aggressive toward me) and showed it to an animal communicator. Up to that point, I was skeptical, but the feedback was amazing, so when Jocelyn told me she did this work, I immediately offered one of my dogs. Our session was short, but Jocelyn's communication was spot on. I had given her no prior information on my dogs for the session, and we hadn't been in touch for several years prior to this, so she had never met my dogs. I am eager to have more sessions with her for all my animals!     Anne Varljen, Texas

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Joss spoke to Romona at my request because she was having trouble using her litter box. She would rest her behind on the edge of the box, with the result being half of the urine on the floor. Sometimes she would forego the box altogether. This activity was very puzzling to me, because although she is 16 years old she jumps up onto and down from our porch railing and zooms around the house and the yard, and catches mice and other varmints, and generally refuses to act her age. Joss told me that Ramona hurt in her pelvic region and stepping over the side was painful although she could jump onto the porch railing. The step over the wall of the box hurt because it was one leg at a time but pushing off with two hind legs to jump on the railing didn’t.   So she suggested a ramp over the edge of the box and a lower sided box. I used an ergonomic footrest at the entrance to the box which made a perfect ramp, and there were no more accidents. We are all quite pleased!  -Patricia, Robert and Ramona, Londonderry, NH



WOW Joss!

This is all so very interesting and very insightful.  So very helpful!  My Rhea is often reactive and barks a lot.   I asked you to find out what she was thinking.

You  were correct about  Rhea’s neck and shoulders. She was tight in her neck and shoulders. She enjoyed the massage you suggested.

After you talked with her, I put the girl dogs to bed early.  I found Rhea fast asleep which is not her norm- she usually waits until I am settled for the night before she will settle and sleep. You said she couldn’t see well - she is affected by Progressive Retinal Atrophy which you didn’t know. She gets her exam this year and it’s a big piece of information that she can't see well. You said she was frustrated and reactive because she can’t smell or see what happens outside the house in the winter and wants to protect me, but can't.  Today I walked her outside around the house as you suggested and she relaxed. 

THANK YOU! - Michelle T, Woonsocket, RI

Esme and Sophie

Esme and Sophie

So on point with the dogs.  I wanted to know why Sophie was angry when she wakes up, and you described her previous situation where we rescued her causing her reaction.  It was a prison mentality. Sophie has healthy blood work but has gas and after you said her right hind leg was sore, the next day she limped a bit on it.  And she has sore teeth where you say because she has winced when I was paper toweling plaque off.  The vet told us what to do for that.  Esme does have dry skin and flakes as Joss saw, and that, too, I have a solution for but I don't always use it.  I’ll be sure to give it now.  I'm very grateful. - Scott V, San Francisco

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I wanted to ask Joss about my GSD, Charlie’s fence running with the neighbor's dogs.   He is strongly territorial and had recently had run-ins with raccoons and coyotes he chased out of the yard.     I’m glad that he keeps them out but concerned because he seems just as adamant about guarding our fence line from our neighbor's dogs.   Joss told me he feels it is his job to protect the property, and us, from intruders and he is just doing his job….that he is "a classic boundary guarding shepherd."    That it would be better to control the situation rather than try to train him to ignore the other dogs because he clearly feels it "is his mission" to protect his yard.   She felt it would make more sense to make sure the fence is secure and to pay attention to what he’s doing when he’s outside.

One thing caught me by surprise was when Joss asked if his eyes were light colored!      She has never met Charlie and had no way of knowing…..his eyes are not super light or yellow….but they are a warm, clear amber color, definitely not a dark brown.   Nice to have Joss’ affirmation that Charlie is basically a friendly, outgoing, self confident shepherd looking out for his family.    Just needs sensible handling….not over-reacting.      Thanks,  Joss!!! -Barb V., Denver Colorado

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I asked Joss to talk to my brother's dog, little Billy Brown, who was 15 and failing.  We needed to know that it was time for him to go so he didn't suffer.  Joss communicated with him.  She said he had had a heart event earlier in the day, and he could barely keep his head up.  He loved us but he was so extremely sick and he was ready.  Joss didn't know that the vet told us earlier in the day that Billy Brown had had a heart event.  We said goodbye to Billy because we knew it was the right thing and that Joss had learned from him what he wanted. -Joanne C.,  Swampscott, MA

Joss has an amazing gift with animals. She can connect with them empathically and “read” them for you. If you love your pet(s), give Joss a call and take advantage of her unique abilities. - Linda L., Churchton, MD.

I asked Joss to check in with my newborn grandson to learn if he could hear.  One of his ears was incomplete at birth, the canal not open to the outside.   Joss said he had hearing in that ear which was later confirmed by the specialists at the hospital after testing.  It was a relief to know he could hear while we waited to for the appointment with the specialists.  - Laura Lawrance, Woburn, MA